About Me

Hey, my name's Athena! I'm an aspiring concept artist based in the United States. As you can see from my portfolio, I mainly draw a mix of anthropomorphic animals/creatures and characters from various manga, anime or VNs. With my art, I hope to inspire other artists as others inspire me.


How long have you been drawing? Programs? Tablet?

I've been drawing (self-taught) since 2014, and drawing digitally (also self-taught) since 2018. I use Clip Studio Paint to draw and get 3d models. My drawing tablet model is a Wacom Intuos CTL-480.

Art Trades? Requests?

I don't usually do art trades, but if I do, I only do art trades with friends/mutuals. I never do art requests.

Who are your inspirations?

I have so many inspirations that I can't possibly list them all! In short, I draw inspiration from many artists, mainly those I find on Twitter. I also get inspiration and motivation from artists that work at Riot Games, like Anninosart and Alex Flores.

Canvas size?

I usually keep the width and height between 3000-4000 px depending on whether I want the canvas to be taller or longer. I always keep the DPI at 300.

How did you make your website?

I made this website with Bootstrap examples, particularly "Cover", "Carousel" and "Album", with the help of my friends Panku, Etzaen and OrchidAlloy! I plan to customize this website more when I gain more CSS and HTML knowledge!